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Domenico Clerico
Italy / Piemonte / Barolo
Wine style
Italian Barolo
Alcohol content
Barolo, born from the overwhelming desire of Domenico to try his hand in new adventures, the “wild aeroplane”, as he used to be called by his father, in 2006 he chose to branch out from the town of Monforte and strike out in a new territory: Serralunga D’Alba.
There are those who say they often hear the sound of a distant aeroplane without actually seeing the shape of any object in flight. Others say that it is only the continuous, low hum of the tractors that move backwards and forwards across the Langhe hills. Someone declares that it is only the grumbling of an illtempered wine master, never ready for easy compromises. Perhaps nobody will ever know the truth.

However, I strongly believe that a free spirit really lingers among the vineyards, capable of circling over human trivalties. A free spirit who knows fatigue and who loves his land even when his hands become chapped and his back bends in pain. There is a legend that tells of a child who has never grown up, who has always wanted to fly without rules, wild in soul and heart

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