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TYPE Junmai Daiginjo Sakè

PRODUCTION AREA Hyogo and Toyama (Japan)

RAW MATERIAL Rice: Yamada Nishiki, Omachi, Gohyakumangoku. Five different strains of yeast.

DISTILLATION No alcohol added. The rice polishing rate – Seimaibuai – is 35% since that of all the individual components is 35%. The entire production is pasteurized.

BOUQUET The nose is delicate, initially floral hints of white rose, violet, peony Followed by unripe banana fruit, grapefruit, wild strawberry and melon As the temperature changes, memories of aloe and green tea emerge, almond sugared almonds, an idea of ​​vegetation wet and rubbed rock and a smoky miso accent to finish

COMBINATIONS Cross product, with a thousand surprises and easily combined with innovative cuisine or traditional dishes.

TASTE Flavors change according to the tasting temperature: From 1- 2 ° upwards the sake is significantly elevated. Starting from 1/2 ° and beyond it transforms into a subtle play of textures, with an element of sweet fruity soft stone fruit, cherry. 35- 37 ° sensual. Immaterial and soft, it recomposes itself through the aftertaste. Candied almonds. Incredibly soft 45 °. The viscosity and the silky texture blend. Mint, anise, camphor.

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